Why salespeople love using mobile apps

Most people own a mobile device and are using it for both business and pleasure, and it’s apps which are shaping the way we carry out activities. You can download an app for almost everything from games and news to lifestyle and finance. To put this in perspective, as of June 2015 1.5 million mobile apps were available in the Apple App Store and more than 100 billion mobile apps had been downloaded.
Mobile sales management software place people first, technology second, and many businesses are turning to mobile applications upon realising the impact it can have. With a growing demand to create a personal engagement with consumers, mobile sales management apps are widely adopted across many industries. Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company in America, predicts CRM will be a $36 billion market by 2017.
Salespeople love mobile apps because it makes their lives easier and they can offer their best to customers. Let’s take a look at how a mobile sales management tool can help salespeople to excel in critical areas. 
 why salespeople love using mobile apps