We’re Successful Now – Why Should I Consider Ecommerce For My Business Today?

If there is one thing consistent in business – it is change. While the age-old act of selling products to someone who then sells them to their customers has remained, how it is done, when, and by whom has dramatically changed.

We have seen the dramatic uplift of consumers buying their goods and services online, however, we are also seeing this trend exponentially rise in the B2B space. In fact, it is estimated by Forrester Research that by 2017, 56%[1] of all B2B purchases will be completed online.

Whilst those who have already added ecommerce to their tool kit will attest to the way it supported their businesses to grow, there are those who believe it has no place in their B2B operation.

This is completely understandable, especially as many sales and ordering practices have been ‘the way they are’ for many years and they work! And, many business operators will be reluctant to move their already too busy clients onto a new way of ordering from them. However, the benefits of adding ecommerce to your weaponry far out weigh the cons.

Like any new process or adaption of new technology, proper thought and consideration needs to be applied, and Opmetrix have had that front and centre in the development of this new solution.

So, what is ecommerce?

If you have ever bought anything online, you have engaged with ecommerce. It is basically buying and selling products and goods over the internet.

Opmetrix’s ecommerce, provides you with website functionality through which you can load up your inventory, apply different pricing for different clients, and feature new productst– all connected to your existing Opmetrix account via your accounting software.

Your customers can buy from you literally anytime they want.

Why add ecommerce to your business?

More and more businesses are hearing from their clients that they need a quicker and more effective way of ordering that doesn’t rely on being available with a rep comes around or emailing or phoning in an order. As the new generation of business owners and operators come into play, customer expectations will be increasingly in line with what ecommerce delivers.

Some of the top reasons to add ecommerce includes:

  1. When businesses have more than one way to buy from them (omnichannel) e.g. face-to-face and online, they have higher-value customers than those that have only one channel. According to a survey by Accenture and Forrester Research, 72% of respondents agreed that omnichannel customers are substantially more valuable.
  2. Your customers discover more of your range their way. The way your clients can ‘self-serve’ allows them to discover more of your range, this on average drives up the value of your order.
  3. Expanded client footprint. Promoting your online ordering gives your smaller or more remote customers your reps can’t see all the time, access to your range of products. This allows you to service a larger number of clients more regularly.
  4. You’re always open. Online ordering means your clients don’t have to wait until your business hours to make orders. And with many small business owners and operators working all sorts of hours, it makes sense to be open to them all the time.

If you are interested in learning how your business can benefit from Opmetrix’s Ecommerce Solution, contact us now.

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[1] Viewed: 8/2/2018: https://www.avatarsyndicate.com/inline/b2b-e-commerce-statistics-latest-trends-2017/