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Welcome to Opmetrix App Version 5.2


We are pleased to announce that the Opmetrix 5.2 update will be available for iPad, Android and Windows tablet users from Thursday 20th October. 
Your Opmetrix application was updated in the 5.0 release, and you will have noticed the following changes to your screens: 


8 Key Changes to the Home Screen


Opmetrix - 8 Homescreen Changes


5 Key Changes to the Sales Screens



Opmetrix 5.2 updates include:

Search Improvements
Many wanted the ‘Search starts with’ feature available in the new version so we have brought it back. Tapping on the magnifying glass toggles between the two search methods.





Photos and Images 
The camera for users on Windows tablets was intermittently not working. This has now been fixed along with image caching where product images were re-downloading to a device.

Task List Sorting
We have added a new feature where completed tasks in the task list move to the bottom when done.  Many users have a long task list so this will ensure tasks still to be actioned stay near the top of the list.

Bug Fixes
A number of smaller improvements including the sizing of text in category drop downs have also been resolved.

Full Release Notes:

Search: Added support back in for begins/contains search behaviour.
Sales: Display the number of held transactions in the side-menu.
Win8 – Image Capture: Fixed image capture issues on Surface Pro 4’s.  
Sales: Ensure the Credit Reason dropdown is visible in the sales header.
Store Menu: Move completed (greyed-out) tasks to the bottom of the task list.
Dropdowns: Improve handling of long display text by shrinking and wrapping when needed
Product Images: Fixed product Images re-downloading each sync