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Welcome to Opmetrix Version 6.0

Opmetrix Version 6.0 includes a number of new features in the Opmetrix Mobile App and changes in the Smartphone Team App.   Please review the changes below and if you need a hand you are welcome to contact our support team for any assistance.

Access Sales Documents from within Opmetrix

Important :

With the release of the new documents module, the menu bar has changed with documents now at the top of the list.  It might take a day or two to become comfortable with this change.

The major feature in this release is the ability to access documents directly from within Opmetrix. This means immediate access to documents such as price catalogues, promotion sheets or any document you use.  Documents can be accessed offline even without an internet connection.

You need to ask your Opmetrix Administrator to upload the documents you need and these are then shared to all the Sales team.  Opmetrix support many document types including PDF, Word Documents, Excel, Images and even videos can be uploaded and shared.

Apple iOS 11

Apple is releasing there latest operating system iOS11 this week (September 2017).  Opmetrix version 6.0 has been tested and is fully compliant with the new features of Apple iOS11. That means you can upgrade your iPad or iPhone device knowing Opmetrix will work as usual.

Safe In-Store Pass (New Zealand Only)


The New Zealand FMCG industry has been a leader in health & safety improvement for many years with it’s safe In-store pass accreditation. Field users can register their Safe In-Store Pass directly within the Opmetrix app and can then tap and display a digital copy of the pass. Further enhancements such as reminders to renew the pass (every two years) helps improve compliance. 

Opmetrix Team App (for Smartphone)


The Opmetrix Team app designed for smartphone has also had some major design changes. There is a separate article on Opmetrix Team App Version 6.0 to help users adjust to these new changes and features.