Version 5.6 App release

Version 5.6 brings new features, functionality and optimisations for the Opmetrix app field users to ensure your app is running fast.


Enable Auto-Sync

The Opmetrix app has two options for synchronising data with head office. This can be completed manually by pressing the sync button in the top left corner, or you can enable auto sync. To enable auto-sync select Options from the top right menu and enable the Auto Sync option.


Search and filter calling card notes

Call notes are a valuable source of information about your customer. Search call note history or filter by activity and category to quickly locate customer call history.


Access the call notes for a customer you need then select the Filter button in the top right corner.



The notes you write in a calling card can be searched on in call note history.  Tap in the search bar at the top of the call note screen and type.  

Search methods

There are two methods of searching. Tapping the magnifying glass icon switches the method between Search Contains and Search Starts with:

Search Contains

Search Contains matches any part of the note sentence and any word within a sentence. 

Search Starts With

Switching to Search Starts with matches the first letters of the note only.


Postcode address searches

By default the customer search option searches on the customer code and customer name, however, sometimes it can be useful to search for customers by a postcode or address. There is an optionally enabled setting in Opmetrix to include Postcode and Address as a search option. Ask your system administrator to enable this feature.

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