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Opmetrix Version 5.5  New App Features

Your Opmetrix application has just been updated to Version 5.5 which includes new features to help a busy salesperson in the field. 


More Sales History

A key feature for Opmetrix is that it works offline – without being connected to the internet. However, in order to keep things fast, there are limits to how far back you can go with offline history for sales. Typically this is the last 15 transactions per customer.

Now you can load the last 100 transactions per customer. Simply tap the sync button below the sales history box to retrieve more transactions.  You need to be online (have internet access) get this additional history data, but it only takes a second to retrieve.


More call note History

Just like sales history, you can now load more call history. Tap the sync button at the bottom of the call notes page to retrieve up to 200 call notes for the selected customer.  Again, you need to be online to complete this action but its very quick and also retrieves call note photos as well.

Pin calling cards  

Sometimes it’s important to keep track of a call note you have entered for a customer.  You can now do this by ‘pinning’ a calling card which keeps it at the top of the call notes list.

Pinned call notes are synchronised off-line no matter how old they are and will continue to be at the top of the list with new calling cards appearing underneath. The key points on pinning notes:

The key points on pinning notes:

Sales Templates

Sales templates can be used in many ways to speed up the sales entry process or to promote special items.  The example above shows sales template items that show as promoted items with a special price (shown in green).

Sales template can also be selected using a filter to display one template which may contain a custom list of products that can be specifically sorted, and optionally have a special price attached.

Some examples of how sales templates can be used:

Setting up Sales Templates

Sales templates are added and configured at your head office by the Administrator who maintains your Opmetrix system.  If you think sales templates will be helpful to you, get in touch with them to have them added.