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Opmetrix Version 5.5  – New Features

Version 5.5 of Opmetrix contains new features for the field users along with new functionality and reporting in the Opmetrix CMS.

Opmetrix CMS  (Admin and reporting)

The field app has the following new features:

Opmetrix Mobile Field Application

Your field team will see a link on the welcome screen enabling them to learn about these new features.  Click here for more details.

Sales Templates

Sales templates can be used in many ways to speed up the sales entry process or to promote special items. A sales template is a custom list of products that can be specifically sorted, and optionally have a special price attached.

Some examples of how sales templates can be used:


Sales template maintenance can be found in the Report tab of the Opmetrix CMS. Templates can be added, edited, deleted and copied (duplicated) from this screen.


Adding a new Sales Template

Mark as Promo 

Promo templates highlight the products in the list. Optionally promo items can have a set price.  The field team using the app see promo products marked as a yellow star and if a promo price is entered, it displays in green.  

A promo price overrides ALL other pricing including contract price rules.

Select the products to include in the template

Add products by searching and clicking the individual items or selecting an entire category.  As products are added they stay in the order they were added.  The maximum number of items per template is 400.    


Reorder the product template

To change the order products are displayed, select a product line and drag it to the required position



Templates can be targeted to all customers, a group of customers or individual customers.  If targeting is used than the templates will only be visible to outlets targeted.  

If no targeting is selected and the template is marked promo,  the promoted items will be visible in the stock list and image catalogue out of store.


Smart Search Reporting Periods

New Reporting Periods have been added allowing reports to be future dated. For example, a report for indent orders could be saved with a reporting period of ‘next 3 months’.

New reporting periods are:

These can be accessed using the smart search (eg type in ‘next’) or via the filters dropdown full menu.


Outlet Migration

Sometimes a customer outlet changes name or banner (eg a Z Service Station becomes a Mobil) however in Opmetrix all the history (Sales, Call Notes, Contacts etc) belong to the old outlet.  

A new tool ‘Outlet Migration’ is included in the Administration tab which enables you to move all history from one customer code to another.

Navigate to Admin, Outlet Migration and select the customer to migrate

Enter the outlet to migrate to and then select Migrate now.  

Note:  The originating outlet is still in the system after the migration, it just has no history.  You will need to carefully consider how to delete the original outlet. If your Opmetrix system is linked to your ERP then that is the place to delete it. If you Opmetrix system is maintained manually (eg Excel Files) then you should remove the old outlet from the customer master.