The Supermarket Attraction

La Manna supermarket is an Australian FMCG pioneer, changing the way consumers enjoy their shopping experience.

In a highly competitive FMCG world where millions are spent researching shopping patterns, store layouts and customer to store interaction, La Manna supermarket in Melbourne has achieved uniqueness in delivering shopping experience that draws consumers to it as a pleasurable attraction, rather than a shopping chore.

The store was the created by Vince La Manna in 2010, the son of Pasquale (Pat) LaManna (Australian of the year 2009) who pioneered fruit shops and home deliveries in the 1970’s and later became the largest Banana wholesaler in Australia with warehouses across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Walking through the doors of this massive 10,000sqm store it immediately looks and feels different from the usual multi high aisled geometric patterned store layout we normally experience. Instead you can see from one end of this multi football field side store to the other, due to its low profile aisles and spacious layout. Add the ambience of good music and multiple touch points for product tastings throughout the store and you notice the feeling is relaxed. Shoppers stroll and discover products rather than the frantic trolley run to get in and out as fast as possible.

The products are premium and gourmet, incorporating meat, deli, seafood, bakery, patisserie and groceries. During my visit I watched fresh product made in-store being continually stocked to shelf while sitting in a busy but relaxed cafe, situated not in the corner of the store, but as a focal place for shoppers to meet and relax.

Located in the Essenedon fields shopping precinct it was not hard to notice the Coles supermarket directly opposite, however the shared carpark and foot traffic towards La Manna was obvious. I suspect the success of La Manna will be a source of inspiration to the multi-national chains both in Australia and New Zealand on how to satisfy the shopping needs of consumers in the next decade.

When you store becomes a destination and an attraction you know you have got it right.