Survey Module enhancements

Surveys are a great way of quickly gathering market data, and Opmetrix clients use surveys to capture many types of critical business measurements.

The Survey module has been enhanced in our latest update (Version 4.2). Surveys now support a photo question and a number question.  You can collect multiple photos in a survey and the number question reports by sum, average, min and max. New survey reports include a photo gallery and drill down to detail lines of each survey.

Some great ideas to use surveys include:

Replace all your manual forms

Surveys are a handy way to automate manual forms.  Create your own change of details survey, a health and safety survey or perhaps an asset audit survey so that your field team can quickly capture and record any of these types of business processes.

Keep an eye on the competition

Track what brands or manufactures supply to your customers and quickly determine your market share and product growth.

Key Store Indicators

Select 10 key stores around the region you sell to and record competitor pricing.  Fast and useful to make sure price points are inline and current.

For more information or Survey or upgrading to version 4.2 please contact us.