Sorry, I can’t take your order today. There’s no Internet!

There is much debate about whether an outbound salesperson or account manager can adequately do their job with just online access to their CRM or sales system.

Salespeople frequently commute, whether to run to a team training or to meet with a customer. Some travel up and down the country reaching far and wide, and usually with a mobile phone, tablet or laptop in hand – or a mixture of all three. For salespeople constantly on the go, having a mobile sales tool to complete important tasks is not only professional, but it’s a necessity.

Coverage map of New Zealand

Coverage map of New Zealand sourced from


Mobile networks in New Zealand and across the Tasman in Australia claim to have high Internet coverage, around the 90 percent coverage range respectively. Despite these assertions, we all know that Internet connection is not always stable. Even in the most connected world in which we live today, the Internet has its dead spots, commonly in the remote regions of the country.

We’ve all experienced when Internet reception fails us. So you can imagine the pain a sales rep has to go through whenever they have to visit a warehouse, stand in a long supermarket aisle, or cooling store. Although there may be good mobile data coverage in the area, sales teams can lose connectivity in a particular spot due to the infrastructure of some buildings.

In February, released a press release stating that fifteen new cell towers have been added to existing networks in New Zealand to expand mobile coverage to more than 1700 square kilometres of rural areas previously without coverage.

Coverage map of Australia

Coverage map of Australia sourced from

Although Internet coverage is constantly improving, businesses need to take into account what impact an online mobile solution has on the productivity of its sales team – you never want a salesperson to say “Sorry, I can’t take your order right now… there’s no Internet!”


Opmetrix was designed with offline capabilities in mind. This means all data is stored locally, including sales history, photos, stock on hand levels and pricing. Time tracking and tracking GPS locations are also accessible without Internet connection.

So if a manager needs to jump on a plane, they can still enter call notes and tasks in Opmetrix for field teams, meaning more productivity can be made in the day.

Even in the event that the server at head office was down, sales teams can continue to service the customer wherever they are.

If you need instant access and the security of knowing you have the information to do the job, the first question businesses should ask is: Does this work offline?


** OpenSignal is a mobile app which monitors the coverage and performance of mobile connection. This information is used to provide insight into the quality of coverage and performance of mobile operators worldwide.