Route Optimisation

Optimizing the route your field team travels is a critical component to ensure that time on the road and distance traveled are minimized. The field team benefit with increased productivity and more time face to face in store, whilst management have full visibility on routes travelled and customers visited.

Call Cycle Flexibility

Opmetrix Smart Route reviews and optimises your daily visits based on drive time and live traffic conditions. Supporting both static and dynamic route plans.

Static Route

Pre-set call cycle, managed by head office to ensure full territory coverage. 

Dynamic Route

Field team can visually plan their day/week from a map and schedule their calls.

Call Cycle Flexibility
Live Agent

Live Agent

Live mapping tools allowing management to see where their team are any given time of the day, view routes taken and stores visited.

Live GPS Tracking

Real time mapping visibility of your team out in the field.

Call Coverage Visibility

View your team’s call coverage at a glance.

Performance Reporting

Managers can review in field performance and activity to have certainty that they are maximising call coverage as effectively as possible.

For Field Users

Report dashboards and indicators on customer coverage.

For Management

Comprehensive time-based compliance dashboards.

Performance Reporting

Minimize waste and maximize productivity

C02 Emissions

Opmetrix Smart Route can achieve a 20% average reduction in drive time resulting in fewer kilometres travelled

Fuel Savings

Save fuel by reducing kilometres travelled

Increased call coverage

Save time on road and increase customer visits