Want to gain extra hours of productivity a day? Say goodbye to laborious manual re-entry of orders because with Opmetrix for sales, you can.
The mobile app allows on-the-spot transaction processing which means super quick ordering and automatic import to accounting systems.

Sales Automation

A sales entry system that automates transactions, invoices, orders, credit requests, and quotes.


Sales Transparency

See customer history at a glance, including last purchase order and transaction details ensuring outstanding customer service for regular route sales.

Product Catalogue

Quickly switch between product and catalogues with Opmetrix’s multi-view display and access the information to deliver efficient service.

Integrated Online Payments

Process payments seamlessly with Opmetrix’s integrated online payment feature. Full visibility for store sales to keep on top of sales credits, outstanding payments and trends.

  • See stock on-hand at a glance
  • Capture signatures
  • Scan barcodes on the go
  • View product sales cycles
  • Repeat a transaction
  • Switch an order to a credit
  • Enter multiple items in a sales order
  • Show products in an online catalogue
  • See product information in detail
  • Seamless ERP integration
  • Track payment history
  • Manage invoices more efficiently

Transaction Processing

Opmetrix simplifies the way transactions are processed, automatically syncing to your accounting system, accelerating workflows and eliminating double handling. This feature allows you to: 

  • View recent transactions
  • Export data to improve reporting
  • Integrate transactions into your ERP automatically

Sales Report

Track your sales to budget quickly and easily with Opmetrix. Review which products are performing well in stores and review existing budgets. In real time you can:

  • Review sales activity over a particular period of time
  • Track team activity to quotas
  • Identify and alert management of any issues

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