Opmetrix Team App for Smartphones

Opmetrix Team App for Smartphones. Smart business.

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Opmetrix Team is a low-cost licensing product designed for Sales Managers, Merchandisers or part-time sales people to use on their own smartphone in the field.

For example, in Grocery, Opmetrix Team enables merchandisers to use their own smartphone in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment, and
offers a sharing capability to help them quickly and easily interact with their Territory Manager.

With access to shared call notes, photos, tasks and in-store survey audits, Territory Managers have the ability to instruct merchandisers when they need to escalate issues or get tasks completed, and can see the results when done.

Clorox and DKSH New Zealand have both had immediate success as early adopters of the Opmetrix Team solution. Damian Wright, National Sales Manager at Clorox acknowledged how “easy” Opmetrix Team is to use, and management are pleased with the “increased visibility of what merchandisers are doing in-store”. Key functionality including automated time in-store tracking and GPS location services means actual hours worked are summarised by Opmetrix in a weekly report which greatly assists payroll management. Clorox has implemented health and safety surveys to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSW Act), making Opmetrix Team an effective tool to ensure safety issues and incidents are monitored.

Opmetrix Team presents a low-cost solution for businesses – with ‘Bring Your Own Devices’ companies need only to reimburse a standard data usage (less than $10 per month) to cover business data use.

Opmetrix Team SmartohoneDianne Hutton, Regional Sales Manager at DKSH had positive feedback from all of her merchandising team and rolled out the system to the whole 60+ Merchandising Team, complementing the existing Territory Managers running Opmetrix on tablets.

Opmetrix continues to serve Territory Managers using tablet devices well. Extending to Merchandising Teams allows FMCG companies to report on total visibility of field team activity. There is no need for multiple solutions… Opmetrix covers all the bases.

Key features of Opmetrix Team

  • Call cycle planning and compliance for merchandising teams
  • Share call notes, photos and tasks between Territory and Merchandising Teams
  • Full management visibility of time management, GPS location and work completed
  • Record sick leave and holidays
  • Capture accident / incident reporting requirements for health and safety


Opmetrix Team can easily be added to your existing Opmetrix solution and is available in bundle pricing options including 20 and 50 user combinations.

For more details, contact: sales@opmetrix.com or your closest office.