Opmetrix Health and Safety Survey white paper

In this white paper, Opmetrix, a cloud based consumer goods CRM solution for mobile sales teams, highlights the benefits of using Health and Safety Surveys within the Opmetrix app to ensure compliance with the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 which comes into force in New Zealand on April 4, 2016.

The white paper focusses on specific requirements of the new Act which businesses should consider when using a mobile CRM solution, and how Opmetrix provides an effective tool to ensure your team has a simple way to communicate and record health and safety in the workplace.

With Opmetrix Health and Safety Surveys, you can:

  1. Record accidents and injuries, and notify key people
  2. Sales teams can communicate and share data with head office
  3. Leave Planner means you can set reminders to review hazards and risks
  4. Record ideas and solutions to make the workplace safer using Leave Planner Notes
  5. Enter and save personal and emergency contact details
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