Opmetrix features


Opmetrix CMS

Smart search

Recently, we introduced Smart Search – a handy tool in Opmetrix reports which enables you to search for reports for a user/device by filtering information as you type. To view a specific report type ‘last’ or ‘this’ in the Smart Search box, depending on which date range you’re looking to view e.g. this week, last week, last month.

To learn more, see the Smart Search guide.


Opmetrix dashboard reporting

Home screen dashboard

The dashboard is a great starting point to find out what’s going on with your team. The dashboard tiles provide up to date instant feedback on user activity. Two tiles definitely worth a look are:

Stores visited
A quick check to see how many stores your team have visited today, giving you an indication of how busy they are. The stores visited only shows ‘in-store’ visits – phone calls and out of store entries are not included here.

Active devices
An easy tile that tells you how many of the team are working today. ‘Working’ means they have processed a sale, call card, or completed a task like a survey. Don’t forget to use the Dig button in the corner of the tile to dig down and find out more.


Opmetrix Calling Card

Calling cards

It’s amazing how many call notes sales people enter for a customer. This is a great way to build working relationships with your customers, because the more you know about them the better you can service them.

We recently saw a handy trick with call notes that we thought we would share. Create an Activity Type called important and your team can tag important call notes relevant to your customer.

Next create an automatic Portfolio report in Opmetrix so that every morning you receive an email and a quick report of all the important notes that were made by the team yesterday.