Opmetrix new release version 4.0

We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of Opmetrix – Version 4.0

This is a major release and the first release using the new Opmetrix name (formerly SalesLink Mobile). It brings with it many new features as well as a fresh new look and feel.

Key release features:

New feature – Report portfolios

The previous release introduced custom saved reports. With this release, saved reports can be packaged into a report portfolio then automatically emailed as a PDF attachment on a scheduled basis. Great for managers who wish to receive daily or weekly updates on sales figures, or field team productivity via email.

New feature – Workflow management

With workflow management, a status can be added to track and alert the progress of sales transactions. For example, a new credit request could alert the credit controller who can then approve or reject the transaction. 

Custom fields can be added to capture additional information like an RMA number or dispatch date. The field team can see the status updates of each transaction, and keep the customer up-to-date. Ideal for warehouse dispatch, to update a transaction with freight tracking numbers.

New feature – Email reports

Reports can now be emailed to anyone ‘on the fly’. Simply enter their email address and a quick note, and Opmetrix will generate an email and attach the report as a PDF document.

Updated feature – Geocoding

SalesLink can now automatically geocode your stores (based on the address) with the press of a button. Geocoding can be regularly updated by your SalesLink Administrator to ensure accuracy of location based reports.

Updated feature – Held transactions

Held sales transactions have been vastly improved. A list of held transaction is now available on the transactions tab of SalesLink Cube. 

A new indicator shows the number of current held transactions ensuring they get finished and processed and you can recall and process a held transaction directly from the list. 

The Transactions tab (Previously called History) has a toggle to filter between Sales History and Held transactions.

For more information, please contact the Opmetrix Support team.