On-the-road apps for Opmetrix field teams

For field users their Opmetrix app is the key to generating more business. Its helps increase sales, build better relationships and gets the job done fast and efficiently.

Our aim is to make Opmetrix the centre of a salesperson’s universe but we do recognise there are some fantastic apps available that extend functionality in the field, and can arm our sales road warriors with even more ammunition.

Here are 5 mobile solutions that we use ourselves, or Opmetrix users find very handy in the field:



It’s a fantastic place to store documents, videos, spreadsheets and automatically share them with your team. It might be this week’s specials, a weekly flyer or your latest promotional advertisement. Simply copy into your dropbox folder and your field team will have access to these files via the Dropbox app for iPad. A handy feature in Opmetrix called Quicklinks enables you to link a customer or product directly to a dropbox file or folder. A fast way to access Dropbox files directly from within Opmetrix.

Find out More : https://www.dropbox.com/
Price : Free for 2Gb Storage



How about a weekly team meeting even if everyone is on the road or in different parts of the country? Invite your team to a GoToMeeting and they can join from anywhere with the GoToMeeting iPad App. It shares audio and video, as well as things like shared whiteboards meaning your team, can see each other, communicate and interact. In our office we use it daily and for us it’s a must have.

Find out More : http://www.gotomeeting.com/
Price : $24 per month (team of 5) increasing to $39 (team of 25)



It looks like a simple notepad app but it’s so much more. Evernote is the best place to store notes, ideas, information, meetings and with an instant search ability it’s fast to locate anything, anytime. In the office we use Evernote to store PDF documents, clip website information, store airline boarding passes, and even capture audio from meetings. A nifty feature is that if you take a picture of a whiteboard and store it in Evernote you can then search for text you wrote on the whiteboard. Evernote converts the text in photos and makes them searchable. Great for whiteboard scribblers.

Find out More : https://evernote.com/
Price : Free for Basic Plan, Then from $30 per year


Email and Calendar

Communication is key and every sales person should have email and a shared calendar on their mobile device. There are so many to choose from. A popular choice is Office 365 and the free Microsoft Outlook App for iPad. Office 365 gives us a cloud-based high performance mail system without the need to worry about  mail servers. For field users, just download the App, sign in and they are up and away. The Outlook App for iPad has cool features like automatically sorting your important email (called focused email) but even the built in email and calendar apps on the iPad are simple, fast and easy.

Find out More : https://products.office.com/en/business/office
Price : Between $5 – $12 per user per month


Google Maps / Apple Maps

Regardless of which map app you prefer, it’s another must-have app for travelling sales people. If they don’t know how to use it, spend the time to show them as they will gain a few hours of productivity a week by getting to appointments faster. Personally I am a Google Maps fan. Things like searching for petrol stations and seeing if there are any delays with traffic seem to have a little more functionality focussed on Australia and New Zealand. The latest Google Map app even checks for possible delays with traffic congestion and offers to re-route you half way through the journey.

Find out More : Download from Apple App Store
Price : Free


We are sure there are many other helpful applications used by Opmetrix field teams. We would welcome your feedback and are happy to extend this list on good recommendations.