Mobile Devices – Your Sales Field Team Tools of Trade

The Consumer Goods (CG) sector is highly competitive, and a proactive service mindset is essential to be on top of store coverage and execution. Helping your customer succeed helps your business succeed, and adding value is key. Your sales team need the right tools out in the field, with the functionality to empower a proactive approach. A mobile sales solution that not only helps your sales field with execution but helps increase store coverage, gives you a competitive advantage.

Opmetrix provides a comprehensive mobile, cloud-based Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for managers and field teams, including sales reps, merchandisers, distributors and delivery drivers. With a deep understanding of the competitive market requirements in Australia and New Zealand, we partner with you and provide a locally based support team to deliver premium service at every step.

What are the best iPads or Tablets to use?

Opmetrix is platform agnostic. This means you can use Opmetrix App on your iPad, or Android/ Windows tablet. While price is often a consideration, we recommend considering your business requirements over the medium term to provide your team with the most appropriate device.

For an overview of the top 10 tablets for 2016, take a look at this review here.

What about Smartphone options?

Opmetrix Team is a low-cost licensing product designed for Sales Managers, Merchandisers or part-time sales people, who are able to use on their own smartphone in the field in a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) capacity.

With access to shared call notes, photos, tasks and in-store survey audits, Territory Managers have the ability to instruct merchandisers when they need to escalate issues or get tasks completed, and can see the results when done.


How can Opmetrix add value to your business?

Field teams love the Opmetrix App, which saves them time in the field. Use Opmetrix for:

  • Guided selling through the use of journey plans, objectives, surveys and audits to support call cycle compliance.
  • Automating sales activities, business systems and processes to keep the focus on the customer relationship, and potential up-sell or cross-sell opportunities.
  • Capturing customer insight or competitor activity on the ground, to escalate immediately.
  • Management by metrics – the web based Opmetrix Reporting Suite and Management Dashboard for the office provides full visibility and transparency for optimising your sales field team activities.

Define success by identifying goals and key outcomes. Opmetrix can help with those execution gaps and variables that contribute to failure in the field.

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