Important health and safety information for mobile teams

Health and safety is serious business, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Opmetrix is helping field teams with best practice Health and Safety for mobile field teams.

April 4, 2016 marks significant changes to the health and safety law and applies to all businesses in New Zealand. WorkSafe NZ (the agency responsible for enforcing the health and safety legislation) has reported that each year:

  • 52 people die on the job,
  • hundreds more are seriously injured, and
  • 600-900 die from work-related diseases.

In an effort to address New Zealand’s high workplace death and injury toll, the Health and Safety Work Act 2015 aims to reduce the number of serious work-related injuries and deaths by at least 25 percent by 2020. This means there will be changes to requirements to notify WorkSafe New Zealand of notifiable events under the new law.

These changes include stronger compliance and notification for mobile sales and merchandising teams and our initial research indicates additional compliances may be enforced locally at a banner level for sales people on-site for example, The Warehouse, New World, Countdown.

Health and safety is first and foremost about having a sound procedure in place and effective communication, and you will probably find that your business is already taking the right steps to ensure staff are working in a safe environment – that’s just part of a having a great business.

To further assist businesses comply with the law, Opmetrix is developing a series of surveys and system initiatives that can be used within Opmetrix as a practical and valuable tool to bring sales teams together and make their workplace safe.

Many businesses rely on printed accident forms for workers to fill out,  by completing these electronically provides clear instructions for sales teams to follow and can help effectively manage record keeping compliance for worksafe, all within the existing Opmetrix mobile system.

Preventative maintenance is as important as incident recording and we will also be making recommendations on best practice methods to share information, and to use modules such as the Opmetrix Leave and GPS features to understand staff whereabouts.

The details of incident reporting and information required by WorkSafe are still being finalised, but we will keep clients updated as new information about the new Act comes into light and will release a white paper before the Act is enforced on April 4, 2016 so your system is ready to go.

The Act changes are only for New Zealand legislation however safety compliance is important in Australia and beyond, so we recommend all Opmetrix users take advantage of this information.

If you have any questions or ideas about how we can keep our field teams safer in the field then we welcome your feedback. Get in touch by emailing