Get it right…or put it right, quickly!

Systems and processes often evolve ad hoc as a business grows. If there are no defined processes we all develop our own way of doing things, and eventually become habituated in these routines. This may work for a business for a period of time until new staff who require training join the team, there’s an opportunity to scale quickly and current processes no longer measure up, or you discover your competitors are delivering results more effectively than you.

There are many ways technology can help streamline repetitive processes for business efficiency gains. Take the example of a new sales rep out in the field. By using a tablet with quick access to sales data, they have valuable insight to develop customer rapport quickly, build loyalty and extend services beyond simply taking an order. Your sales rep can only get it right. Or put it right, quickly.

Technology helps the salesperson to sell more, both directly and indirectly, with time saving for the business through integration with your accounting system eliminating double handling and manual entry of invoicing. Use of technology can enforce good practice, reduce costly errors, improve team performance and save on business administration… win win.

If you’re considering ways you can increase the performance and productivity of your sales team, you may be asking, “so how do I make a start?”

We recommend you:

  • Identify any double handling activities, such as sales teams writing orders then re-typing.
  • Identify information gaps. For example, how many times does a salesperson call the office to find out basic information such as how much a client owes, stock and range availability, or previous order details?
  • Have a contingency plan for if a salesperson leaves. What do they know about your customer that you don’t – is their sales information in their diary, and do you even know the contacts?
  • Eliminate those salesperson pain points. For example, if they spend two hours on a Friday putting together a basic sales report, could this be an extra call to a client?
  • Consider your competitors – are they visiting clients with tablets and understanding more than you? Technology is not only efficient, it’s simply more professional.

Regardless of what mobile solution you implement these items need to be considered. Our sales team can discuss the tangible benefits and ROI to help you take the first step.