FMCG merchandising – empower your teams

The Food and Grocery sector transform produce from our farms into our daily essentials. The value-add delivered by food and grocery processing – in transforming wheat into bread, for example – is increasing with changing consumer needs.

ColesAs AFCG CEO Gary Dawson says, “Food and grocery processing makes up almost one-third of Australia’s manufacturing sector and it is encouraging to see growth in both industry turnover and jobs.”

There are ongoing challenges staying competitive in a sector with high manufacturing costs and low margins. Cost reductions including greater automation and efficiency measures can assist with this, and need to be considered all the way along the value chain.

Here at Opmetrix we empower field teams to increase their productivity and efficiency using mobile technology, while providing comprehensive visibility to management of team performance and compliance.

Your field team can:

  • Record and update in-store data, including distribution, shelf and promotional compliance.
  • Collect real-time competitor analysis
  • Upload photos and notes of any in-store initiatives and activities
  • Record and track trade spend and in-store promotions

Communication is the key, and data is power. The ability to escalate any product issues quickly also delivers a great customer experience.

For the back office, field sales management strategies include:

  • Dashboard. Have full visibility with geo-location, time in-store, and store visit summaries.
  • Journey Plan for compliance and call coverage.
  • Objectives. Whether back office goals or personal targets, setting objectives can be highly effective in raising the bar.
  • Schedule reporting for weekly performance benchmarking.
  • Team collaboration to enable information sharing for improved delivery and greater efficiency gains.

The convergence of physical and digital worlds provides an opportunity to collaborate and integrate across the core functions of marketing and merchandising, IT and the supply chain.

With this in mind, Opmetrix provides a comprehensive solution for sales field teams.