Empowering your Mobile Workforce – Part III: 2 things you need to do now

In the highly aggressive world of retail, your sales teams need to stand out from others and maximise the limited time they have with their busy clients.

They need access to the latest information regarding orders, client history, contacts and past purchasing trends to ensure they make informed, effective decisions to provide tailored and responsive customer service and truly deliver a Perfect Store Call™.

Here are the two things you need to do to empower your workforce:

# 1: Keep them Mobile

Mobility is key to empowering employees, giving sales and merchandising teams the platform and tools they need for order-entry, shipment tracking, and business intelligence when they need it most – with their customers in the field, when they are on and offline.

#2: Provide the latest data

Empowered employees are informed employees.

Managers are faced with many challenges, especially when it comes to dealing with field based teams. By empowering their employees with mobility and up to the second data, managers are better placed to be able to solve a lot of challenges that can arise including:

  • Having online and offline capabilities
  • Bringing the whole team up to the level of top performers
  • Encouraging top employees to help the rest of the team improve
  • Standardising processes

With a mobile solution, information gets shared with the whole team, building competitiveness with top performers and improving administration company wide.

We hope you enjoyed our blog series.