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Case Study: Signify ( Philips Lighting)

Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Signify Case Study

Signify keep ahead of the competition with a swift, agile, and efficient sales team powered by Opmetrix

Signify is the new company name of Philips lighting and is a global leader in efficient lighting products for professionals and consumers, continues to pioneer the LED lighting systems and services industry.

Signify provide lighting systems for interiors, offices and outdoor settings. They have completed the air traffic control tower of Christchurch Airport and Auckland’s ferry building. They have a comprehensive lighting portfolio with an expert team across residential, commercial industry, public, retail, and hospitality.


With 1,000 store visits completed by the Signify team every month, cutting through the volume of field data to produce effective reporting was a major challenge. Prior to Opmetrix, Signify had limited ability to capture customer data, monitor competitor activity, use real-time sales reports, and team member collaboration was difficult. 

Signify have two main teams; an internal field team and an external team. The external sales team from Long White Cloud Consultancy are specially trained to support Signify’s brand and merchandising activities. Signify had no prior CRM in place, so holistic transparency into customer data proved challenging and adversely affected customer response times.   

The two teams operate as one, with the same objectives and targets. However, management identified the need for increased unity and transparency between the two teams, including improved reporting capabilities to track objectives. 

Monitoring both teams to ensure a seamless customer experience, have more consistent customer service, increase agility, flexibility and responsiveness and ensure they have all access to the right data, were critical components which led to the decision to consider Opmetrix.


Having identified their issues Signify evaluated the capacity needs of the business and seized the opportunity to improve performance across the board by adopting Opmetrix.

Signify’s National Sales Manager, Daniel O’Brien said, “Not being able to accurately capture the data our field teams required was causing a strain on the business. Without a CRM, our team were restricted with the kind of data they needed to collect and to have on hand when dealing with a customer. The volume of store visits our team were completing was compounding the problem, limiting important customer information, hindering team collaboration and resulting in inefficient processes.”

Opmetrix provides automated reporting for enhanced insights daily, weekly and monthly. Signify have been able to centralise many of the sales functions specific to each store or staff member, with management able to use these insights to forecast more accurately on targets and keep up-to-date with marketplace data in real-time.

The field teams can now reduce the amount of data handling and improve efficiencies, with functions such as “Workday”, allowing for easy start and end time reporting, and vehicle logs.

Since adopting Opmetrix in 2018, Signify have dramatically improved transparency, enhanced field team efficiencies, and management reporting capabilities. O’Brien adds, “Being able to see how much your team is spending at each store, analysing customer spend against this and responding quickly when opportunities arise, has made a huge impact on our business. We typically use the 80/20 rule and find that if the team are spending the right amount of time in store and doing quality calls, then we see better sales results.”

Ross Berry, Director of Long White Cloud Consultancy has seen improved collaboration between team members, and significant performance efficiencies since Opmetrix was adopted.


One of the biggest business benefits for the Signify team has been a significant reduction in the time spent dealing with customer issues. The ease in which Opmetrix manages customer data has provided significant benefits. The field team can upload images during each store visit, capturing key information with regards to stocks, promotional activity, share of shelf, and competitor information.

The mobile CRM has also driven team collaboration and enhanced communication, with the team able to quickly contact each other and share their wins and opportunities. The team have been able to exchange successful sales strategies ideas, while driving a healthy competition.  

Opmetrix has delivered significant improvements to the day-to-day running of Signify, with the ability to monitor marketplace data, improve responsiveness, agility, flexibility and has driven sales performance to new heights.


Case study: K&A Foods

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Opmetrix wins over K&A Foods with seamless integration to Attaché.

K&A Foods Pty Ltd searched high and low for a mobile sales solution that created efficiencies within the business and placed it ahead of its competitors. Eight years later, Opmetrix is still an integral part of the business both on the road and in the office. 

The story

K&A Foods is a food service wholesaler in NSW, Australia and distributes food products to clients in Victoria and the Southern Riverina NSW. The company, which sells a wide range of products – from beverages and breakfast cereal to frozen food products – is recognised for its superior service and for supplying premium brands including Cadbury, Arnott’s, Heinz and Fonterra.

Anna Tengstrom founded the company in 1989 with her husband, Kevin. Together,  they strive to remain competitive through innovation. A key focus is consistent and current data between management and field teams. With 4,000 lines of products and a 600-strong customer base,  a large number of orders need to be entered accurately then packed and distributed efficiently to customers.

The company has recognised huge changes in the wholesale and technology industries, and it became a clear a mobile sales automation solution was needed. “We’re adapting to food culture changes, and the way we’re doing business has transformed over the years. People expect more from you in regards to service,” Anna says.

Using an efficient mobile sales solution from the beginning was a key focus for Anna. She says there were three specific requirements her business needed for mobile sales

  • The ability to create orders accurately and quickly
  • As a rural business, be able to take orders offline
  • The need to integrate seamlessly with Attaché accounting system.

The solution

Opmetrix ticked all of Anna’s key business requirements. Since implementing Opmetrix, Anna has noticed a huge difference in the way it has positively affected management and field teams manage their working day. “K&A Foods is innovative out in the marketplace because we are ahead of our competitors. Having information at our fingertips is very important for our sales representatives and staff,” she says.

Since implementing Opmetrix, Anna has noticed a huge difference in the way it has positively affected management and field teams manage their working day. “K&A Foods was innovative out in the marketplace because we were miles ahead of our competitors at that particular time. Having information at our fingertips is very important for our sales representatives and staff,” she says.

Opmetrix provides field sales teams accurate on stock-on-hand data, pricing, customer details, and mobile sales teams can look up reports themselves. “With Opmetrix, the sales team have got flexibility; information can be emailed back to head office through their call notes and orders are done immediately. Being rural, we can still take orders without Internet and as soon as we’re in range we can transfer those orders across.

“The cost efficiencies were immediate because there was no double data entry. It was
saving an enormous amount of time in head office and in the warehouse.”

Opmetrix provides opportunities which offers a roadmap to success – the ability to identify and measure results and turn things around quickly. K&A Foods use Opmetrix results on an ongoing basis to do just that.

“We hold our sales meeting every week based on the call notes and the information we receive from the week.”


Using Opmetrix, the company has had efficiency gains, increased ordering capabilities, and gained customer insights to refine the customer experience with new confidence to engage. Opmetrix strives to provide the best customer service to clients and Anna has high praise for pre-emptive support, “You guys are 10 out of 10!”

When asked what piece of advice Anna would give to other businesses looking at Opmetrix, she says adamantly, “I believe that if they don’t have a sales  automation system out there on the road today, they’re actually missing out on opportunities.”


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Case study: Martin&Pleasance

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Opmetrix offers Martin & Pleasance greater flexibility and easy integration with SAP B1.


Opmetrix is an all-in-one mobile CRM and sales entry solution designed for sales teams on the road, and is an established product used by thousands of field users.

Integrated to SAP Business One, Opmetrix delivers SAP Business One customer data, pricing, stock and sales history to your field team, giving them the tools they need to grow sales and do business.

Field teams have immediate access to all the information they need to process orders, invoices and credits, record client notes, capture photos and set store objectives. All information is accessible using an iPad or Android tablet and offline functionality means field teams can work anytime, anywhere.

Management stay in the loop using powerful dashboard reporting, including a live stream of photos from the field to find out where teams are and what activities they’re doing.

With clients including Cerebos, Masterpet and San Remo in its stellar portfolio, Opmetrix has seen success across many business categories including grocery, liquor, automotive, health, beauty and gift sectors.


See how Martin & Pleasance improved the efficiency of sales orders and receive unmatchable support.

The story: Martin & Pleasance is a high-end pharmaceutical company established in 1855 in Australia and provides an extensive range of quality natural remedies and medicines. Renowned for its devotion to traditional techniques, Martin & Pleasance combines old practices with modern technology while continuing to strengthen its traditional roots.

Before using Opmetrix the company’s field team were already armed with iPads and using a software program from a company based in Europe, but the distance proved problematic. “If there were any issues and we needed support, that support was very slow coming,” Nick Harper, Martin & Pleasance’ national sales manager says.

The solution

So in late 2014 the company decided to replace its old system with a reliable solution without raising costs and keeping its software on premise – Opmetrix were more than happy to meet the company’s needs and provide this option. Out with the old system, Martin and Pleasance selected Opmetrix and went live in early 2015.

Inecom, a leading technology partner headquartered in Melbourne, manage Martin & Pleasance’s SAP Business One accounting system. The company played a significant role in completing the software integration in collaboration with the Opmetrix rollout, which was efficient, on time and helped to ensure the integration was a success.

Nick offers some insight into the company’s decision to select Opmetrix as its new CRM sales solution. “We are happy with the features that Opmetrix offers and the fact it has a good support network was a huge factor for us.” Adding that the quick rollout of software was a painless experience compared to its previous system.

With offices in New Zealand and Australia, Opmetrix proves that distance doesn’t matter. “Every time we’ve had an issue, the support team on the phone have been easy to get hold of and very helpful.”

The field team were previously dealing with paper, faxing and emailing to process and complete sales orders, and this outdated system only had so much capacity for accuracy and clear reporting.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for sales people as well as retailers to place orders with us. So that’s where Opmetrix comes in. It has the capacity not only to send orders through to our warehouse but also to our trading partners with the larger wholesalers or distributor. Opmetrix ticks all the boxes for us,” he says.

Powering field teams

Because the field team were already familiar with using an electronic CRM ordering system before, and with Opmetrix being user-friendly, the changeover couldn’t have been simpler.

Alain Adolphe, Martin & Pleasance’ NSW state manager is a daily Opmetrix user and said Opmetrix has made a huge difference to his working day and has reduced time consuming tasks. It’s helping him to manage his day, every day.

The field team are heavy users of photo capture and call cards which helps them to retrieve information of past sales and communications with individual customers.

“As a sales force we can see what interactions we had with a particular customer. Adding contacts and the whole order process is easy. Opmetrix is very clear.” He said that photo capture has been particularly useful when they do displays and show opposition products, and this enables them to use the information effectively to their advantage.

With orders sent to wholesalers automatically, this has dramatically improved the efficiency of sales orders. “Opmetrix is infinitely reliable than our previous system.”


Case Study: Rothford International Foodbrokers

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015


See how Rothford International Foodbrokers increased productivity and its bottom line!

The story: As a leading New Zealand business offering experienced FMCG professionals to drive sales for manufacturers in the retail sector, Rothford International Foodbrokers, an established sales, marketing, food brokering and consultancy company, is responsible for multiple clients including Deep South Premium Ice Cream, Abes Bagels, New Zealand King Salmon and Giannis Panini and Pita Breads to name a few.

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Case Study: Hellers Limited

Monday, September 7th, 2015


Hellers Limited, New Zealand’s leading manufacturer and distributor of smallgoods, has been using Opmetrix for more than four years. Suffice to say, admin and field teams have become master Opmetrix users and wonder what they ever did without it!

The story: Hellers has a huge focus on product and product placement. Its previous system of using pen and paper for sales was outdated and inadequate, and with the company picking up more business as it expands a solution was needed to reduce time consuming admin work, connect field workers to office and gain measurable insight into its business.

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