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Opmetrix Dispatch Demo for Mobile Service Teams

Marco Dardano, one of our Sydney based Business Development Managers,  demonstrates the features of the Opmetrix Dispatch Module.   With mobile dispatch, a centralised Dispatcher can…

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Falling in Love with Mobile CRM

  Why are some people drawn to the sales profession and what are characteristics of people who do well in sales? They are very friendly…

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What do Successful Sales Managers and Rugby Coaches Have in Common?

Sales Managers and rugby coaches have a lot in common. They manage, train and lead teams who dislike paperwork and have a winning mentality. They…

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Case Study: Signify ( Philips Lighting)

Signify keep ahead of the competition with a swift, agile, and efficient sales team powered by Opmetrix Signify is the new company name of Philips…

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The four things successful National Sales Managers do every day

  Being a National Sales Manager means having to bring together a solid understanding of market conditions with deliberate strategic management of the team. Everyday…

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Welcome to the new Opmetrix HQ

Mobile technology for FMCG field teams is the key connector between the customer and head-office. The ability to see real-time insights of what’s happening at…

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How National Sales Managers can develop the cycle of success for their Field teams

National Sales Managers need to manage teams of people they don’t often see, along with thousands of clients across the country, and deliver on targets…

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Insourcing vs Outsourcing Field Merchandiser Services

Insourcing has many advantages, with the obvious one being the ability to maintain full control of your business activity.  Companies experiencing rapid growth often choose…

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Opmetrix News – June 2019

                          Customer Newsletter June 2019   At Opmetrix, we are constantly looking for…

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Empowering your Mobile Workforce – Part III: 2 things you need to do now

In the highly aggressive world of retail, your sales teams need to stand out from others and maximise the limited time they have with their…

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Retail World: Opmetrix and Liaise Marketing Join Forces

Check out this article in the September edition of Retail World, announcing our partnership with Liaise Marketing. Read the article here. 

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Opmetrix HQ – A sales manager’s secret to success

Sales managers are busy people! Travelling often, off-site with customers, busy at promotional events, and still needing to be aware of everything that’s happening at…

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The Top 5 Things to Know When Adding Ecommerce to Your Business

When adding ecommerce to your business, there are some tried and tested steps and processes that are handy to know before you begin. We’ve collected…

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We’re Successful Now – Why Should I Consider Ecommerce For My Business Today?

If there is one thing consistent in business – it is change. While the age-old act of selling products to someone who then sells them…

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Empowering your Mobile Workforce – Part II: Who really benefits?

There is much discussion in business circles about the empowered employee and the impact on the bottom line. So who benefits? The Customer By being…

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Empowering your Mobile Workforce – Part I: 5 Key Features

Empowered employees are committed, loyal and conscientious. They are informed, up to date and connected wherever they are, online and offline. Globally recognised marketing visionary,…

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A Display is a Terrible Thing to Waste

The point of purchase (POP) is where all elements come together – the buyer, the product and the money. It’s known that 76% of purchasing…

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Relationships vs Technology – The winner is?

With fierce competition for in-store product space, CPG companies need to find new ways to ensure they continue to grow their share of the shelf…

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4 ideas on using Sales Templates

Opmetrix Version 5.5 is packed with exciting new features which include the release of the new Sales Templates. A sales template is a custom list of products that…

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Opmetrix expands Australian foothold with Axsys partnership

Leading mobile sales management software company, Opmetrix has announced a new partnership with Axsys, one of the largest sales and service partners of MYOB Enterprise…

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The Supermarket Attraction

La Manna supermarket is an Australian FMCG pioneer, changing the way consumers enjoy their shopping experience.  In a highly competitive FMCG world where millions are spent researching…

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Opmetrix signs premium partnership with EXOBIZ

  Premium cloud sales and merchandising field team software grows foothold across Australia Opmetrix, the leading supplier of sales and merchandising team software, has recently…

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Opmetrix announced as a MYOB ISV becoming part of MYOB Advanced Ecosystem

The Opmetrix solution operates on IOS, Android and Windows devices and is fully integrated with both MYOB Exo Business and MYOB Advanced Platforms.   Sydney,…

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Mobile Devices – Your Sales Field Team Tools of Trade

The Consumer Goods (CG) sector is highly competitive, and a proactive service mindset is essential to be on top of store coverage and execution. Helping…

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Disruption, Innovation, and the FGC Conference

Hot off the press from the NZ Food & Grocery Council’s (FGC) annual conference, the themes of ‘disruption and innovation’ were strong. From innovative online…

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How sales force automation delivers results

Sales force automation (SFA) enables you to use software to automate your sales processes, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory control, and customer…

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Opmetrix – the perfect store call

Opmetrix is a world leader in mobile, cloud-based Salesforce Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.  Opmetrix is used by multi-national and national companies,…

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The challenge for CPG Companies

CPG companies today are dealing with many challenges. Informed, value-conscious consumers, in combination with intensifying cost pressures, have contributed to elusive growth. A recent McKinsey…

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Redefining customer service

We met up with Chris Mansfield, recently awarded ‘Sales Rep of the Year’ as voted by the Christchurch Hospitality Industry.  Chris is an On-Premise Account Manager…

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International Food category skyrocketing in Grocery

  The rise in popularity of cooking shows has been good for the International Food category in your local supermarket. We spoke with Tony Mountford, Managing…

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