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Opmetrix News – June 2019



Customer Newsletter June 2019
At Opmetrix, we are constantly looking for ways to improve field team productivity using the newest mobile technology. Many changes we have introduced, are based on your feedback and our next release will impress, so stay tuned!

In this edition, we share a sneak preview of some of the innovative new features we’ve been working on. We will be introducing ‘Live Agent’, a turn-by-turn location analysis of field teams, as well as a new payment gateway.
We’re also giving the Opmetrix CMS Head Office reporting suite a brand new look, as ‘Opmetrix HQ’. Opmetrix HQ has been designed to enhance the user experience, making reporting and administration functions even easier. 

Until next time,

Oliver Huggins and the Opmetrix team

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B2B eCommerce Delights
Have you tried the Opmetrix B2B eCommerce Platform? Adding B2B eCommerce is as easy as turning it on, adding your logo and colours, and then inviting customers to access, using the same seamless integration as the Mobile Field team application.

Customers will then be able to access their sales history and place orders via the online portal.
New features include a quick view drill and support for multiple product images, making it a valuable tool to your ordering process. The Opmetrix B2B eCommerce Platform has been designed with client experience in mind, with feedback from users revealing it’s easier to install than some off-the-shelf solutions.
eCommerce Case Study: Furtex
Furtex specialise in distinctively crafted soft furnishings.

Integrated to Netsuite, their field team use Opmetrix mobile apps to sell and service customers with the increased benefit of self service using the B2B eCommerce portal in-between rep visits.

For a demonstration, or if you have any questions, please contact the Opmetrix team.

Payment Gateway
Opmetrix customers now have the option to charge customers instantly by credit or debit card including Visa, AMEX and MasterCard during the sales process and directly from within the Opmetrix app.  

This solution is perfect for route sales where products may be invoiced and paid for at the time of sale.  
Key Features:

  • Supports all major credit cards
  • Customer can be flagged as ‘Pay Now’ only with no charge option
  • Credit card details can be stored or scanned using a camera
  • Multiple cards per customer can be stored
  • Card details are stored securely in the payment gateway allowing easy repeat invoicing
  • Payments are conducted online – an internet connection is required for this service.

Ask our team to learn more about the Payment Gateway.

Coming Soon: Innovative New Feature
We are delighted to share a preview of the exciting new developments within the Opmetrix Platform, driving even more productivity from field teams.

Live Agent combines three sources of Opmetrix data – Live Location, Store Visit Data and Workday Start and End, displaying them geographically.  

The outcome is an interactive visual route to enable management to improve journey plans and ensure the team are working to an optimum level.

Key Features:

  • Live displays of where your team are  
  • Shows turn-by-turn route taken
  • Monitors store visits with drill down into dashboard detail
  • Incorporates Workday Start and End 
  • Field users can switch off-duty for privacy when needed
  • Compares actual visit with stores geo location and displays if non-compliant
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