About Opmetrix

Opmetrix CRM is a privately owned company with offices in New Zealand and Australia. We focus on developing an award winning cloud based consumer goods CRM solution which aims to make field team activity measurable and transparent. The Opmetrix app is simple and intuitive and is suitable for everyone whether they have experience with technology or using it for the first time.

Opmetrix is committed to providing all of our clients with software that changes as their business grows, but we’re more than just a great mobile technology solution.

Staying connected is paramount, not just out on the field and in the back office, but in the industry as well. Opmetrix likes to keep industry knowledge, both local and international, on a tight leash because we understand that staying industry relevant will help us to provide the best professional advice and support, and help businesses reap greater results.

With advanced technology and 20 years’ experience, Opmetrix is known for its quality product and commitment to honest business. We love to get to know our clients and we back this up by delivering superb premium assistance and support performed by people who understand Opmetrix and their business. That’s why Opmetrix is a specialist and leader in the field.

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You're in good company

Oliver Huggins

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Founding Opmetrix in 1997. Oliver continues to drive customer service and product development ensuring Opmetrix remains a world class solution.

Dave Tinkler


With over 30 years' of experience working in the high-tech sector with small, early stage start-ups through to British Airways, Dave brings proven, hands-on experience in establishing and running successful businesses.

David Barley

Chief Executive

David brings 20 years' of expertise from a range of senior roles he held within FMCG organisations. David's focus is ensuring the Opmetrix platform increases our client's productivity and profitability.

Jo Richardson

Chief Operating Officer

Jo’s background is in technology solutions and customer success. Jo is focused on delivering high quality outcomes to all Opmetrix clients.

Eion Robb

Chief Technology Officer

Eion has contributed to a variety of innovative projects with a focus on removing barriers by using technology and achieving outstanding success.




Opmetrix is proud to support Mohua Blue Penguin Trust.