4 ways businesses can build collaborative teams

Working independently has its benefits, but teamwork is where great minds come together. Team development brings unique personalities, skills and experience to the forefront and it helps to build relationships, create positivity and allow ideas to flourish.

When each team member is aligned with the same common goals, together they can increase sales strength by gaining meaningful insights and solutions to shared problems.

Here’s a few tips on how to build shared success out in the field.

  1. Invest – at the most basic level invest in your team by offering support and training programmes that are collaboration-focused. These can help to create long term sales results by encouraging teams to reach their full potential. Training programmes based on teamwork can spark new ideas, improve decision-making and problem solving.
  1. Share – the best sales reps didn’t make it to the top all by themselves. Gather field teams and encourage them to share what they know about competition, deals, prospects, what works, what doesn’t work, the best and the worst deals and what they learned from it. Heck, even let them talk about how they closed a deal! Challenges face every sales person and almost everyone has got a story to tell. When we start listening to each other everyone becomes inspired and smarter, and it’s contagious!
  1. Promote a positive environment – every team member counts towards success, so be sure they feel comfortable in an environment where there is open communication and they are encouraged, supported and appreciated by other members of the group, including management. Performance will grow naturally in the right conditions.
  1. Be careful who you hire – it might sound obvious, but if a job candidate says “I achieved…” or “I did…” you could be looking at someone who’s willing to leave the rest of the team stranded. If you have the authority to handpick sales reps and create an A-team, look for applicants who match your team player requirements e.g. those who are willing to share tips, ideas and help others.