4 ideas on using Sales Templates

Opmetrix Version 5.5 is packed with exciting new features which include the release of the new Sales Templates.

A sales template is a custom list of products that can be specifically sorted, and optionally have a special price attached to them. Sales templates can be used in many ways to speed up the sales entry process or to promote special items. While the name sounds simple, Sales Templates offer functionality that has been frequently requested by customers.

Many customers are now taking full advantage of this new feature, and if you don’t know how or haven’t started using it yet, here are 4 ideas to get you started:

  1. Make new products stand out

It’s important when launching new products or ranges to keep them front of mind for salespeople.  With sales templates, you can create a ‘New Product focus’ template and add those items to the list.  Your field team will always see them highlighted in the product list.  Even better, setup a product sales report and have Opmetrix send it daily to the field team, then run a leader board with who sold the most.

  1. Monthly Specials

With sales templates, you can set a price against promoted items and set a start and an end date.  Now you can run a weekly or monthly specials list that the field team can easily access along with the special prices for each of those items.

  1. Set the order products are sold

Many products are sold in cabinets and displays.  These could be fridges, cabinet displays, spinner stands or card pockets.  Create a sales template and call it the display name e.g. Nail polish stand.  Add the items and drag them into the order they are on the stand.  Now the field team can select that stand and quickly run down the products list in the same order they are on the shelf.

  1. “Special” pricing for a customer

A common sales expression –  “sometimes we give away the sausages to sell the steak”.   Create a template and target it at just one customer.  Add the products you have negotiated a set price for.  Now those customers will receive their ‘special’ price whenever that product is purchased.


Setting up your Sales Templates is simple:

  • Give the template a name (a clear description is helpful to the field team)
  • Select the start and end dates. Templates will only appear for the field team on or during this period


Sales template maintenance can be found on the Report tab of the Opmetrix CMS. Templates can be added, edited, deleted and copied (duplicated) from this screen.