3 interesting companies using Opmetrix

Different industries require different business requirements and the beauty of a mobile sales management system like Opmetrix is that you can utilise specific features to best suit your business.

Here’s a closer look at three interesting Opmetrix clients from different industries which have noticed a significant difference to its operations.

Tyrecycle is committed to re-purposing waste tyres in Australia. Since 1992, end of life tyres have been recycled and utilised in new applications including athletic tracks, brake pads and building insulation. With a mission to reduce the number of scrap tyres reaching waste and landfill sites and leave the environment better than when it was found, Tyrecycle is steering the way to a cleaner Australia one tyre at a time.

The company made the move to Opmetrix in 2014 and use our mobile app to invoice customers when truck drivers collect old tyres on the spot from manufacturers, local councils, tyre retail partners and other sources.



“Tyrecycle collects waste tyres and other scrap from 200+ customers/sites across Australia every day,” Matthew McInerney, Tyrecycle’ national sales manager says.

“Eliminating paper from this process has significantly improved our administration function and enabled us review up-to-date collection data at any given time.

“Through the use of Opmetrix we are able to provide our customers with an instantaneous electronic docket followed by an electronic invoice sent from our ERP system. Assembling current data from across Australia puts Tyrecycle in a position 

to form strong partnerships with our customer base.”


Flower Systems Ltd

Flower Systems Ltd in New Zealand has everything you need for an indoor or outdoor statement. Long lasting, creative and colourful, the company is a wholesaler of high quality artificial flowers, foliage and décor. What started out as a small business selling out of the back of a Morris 1000 in 1978 is all grown up and are suppliers to retailers, designers, event companies and to the film industry.

The company chose Opmetrix for its ordering capability and utilise other features including journey plan, contacts, calling cards, image catalogue and prospects.

“Opmetrix makes the order processing for both our sales team and customer quicker, easier and more efficient by providing up to date details and visibility of the products. Also, to be able to access history and back orders for customers makes Opmetrix an invaluable sales tool for our team,” Josie Bryant, Flower Systems’ sales manager says.


Britex Carpet Care Pty Ltd is a machine when it comes to cleaning. The Australian company offers a DIY carpet cleaning system for a better cleaning experience whether it’s your home, car, boat, caravan or upholsteries.

Britex turned to Opmetrix in 2012 and are satisfied with the way Opmetrix enables full visibility at head office to track sales rep movements in the field. The sales team have a high volume of orders and regularly use the calling card feature to capture merchandising of its product, maintenance work, restocking and escalate issues.


Britex Carpet Care Pty Ltd

“We can request they (sales reps) visit a local store in their immediate vicinity in real time. Thus reducing multiple trips to the same area,” Amy Stout, Britex’ customer service manager says.

“We’ve also been able to track KPI for our sales reps. With a certain number of calls per day being logged through calling cards. Validation of the visit is acquired by providing a photo of the location and work done in the calling card. We can feel confident our sales reps in other states of Australia who are not monitored are in fact completing their work and being productive every day.

“Automation of the invoicing/order process reduces time spent at head office re-keying in manual invoices. So this saves us at least three to four hours a day.”